How Do I Report an Issue?

If you are in immediate and imminent danger,  dial 911.

Report a Concern

Sexual assault 是否在未经他人同意的情况下与他人发生实际或试图的性接触. Sexual assault can include any of the following done without a person’s consent: intentional touching of intimate parts; intentional 性ual contact; coercing, forcing or attempting to coerce or force a person to touch another person’s intimate parts; penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus of a person by any object or body part of another person; penetration, no matter how slight, of the mouth of a person by a 性 organ of another person.

Sexual mis行为 一个宽泛的术语是否包含了包括性骚扰或基于性别的性骚扰在内的一系列行为, intimate partner violence, 性ual exploitation, stalking, non-consensual 性ual contact and non-consensual 性ual penetration.

If you are in imminent and immediate danger, dial 911.

Report 性ual assault or 性ual mis行为

Title IX office : 435-586-5419

素 Police : 435-586-1911

Physical violence is any behavior, 个人或团体对另一个人的行为或声明, or group, 这是一种威胁或恐吓,并导致任何一个接受这种行为的理性个体, action or statement to fear for his or her safety and/or property. Such violence may be in the form of, but not limited to: causing or attempting to cause bodily injury or intimidation to another person; intentionally destroying or damaging any property, public or private; approaching or threatening another with a weapon firearms, 刀, explosives or other items capable of inflicting serious bodily harm; making any oral, written or physical gesture as a threat to harm any person or property; intimidation such as stalking or engaging in actions that frighten, coerce or induce duress regarding anyone’s safety or personal property.

Report Physical Violence to Campus Police

素 Police : 435-586-1911

Bias or hate incidents consist of speech, 行为, 或者其他完全或部分出于偏见或偏见的表达或行为形式. 它可能会也可能不会上升到犯罪活动或非法或被禁止的歧视的程度, but its effect is to discriminate, 贬低, embarrass, assign stereotype, 骚扰, or exclude individuals because of their membership in a classification, such as 比赛, color, ethnicity, national origin, langu年龄, 性, 性别, 性别 identity or expression, 性ual orientation, 大小, disability, 年龄, veteran status, or religion. 如果你在南犹他大学目睹或经历过偏见事件, you may use this form to report it either anonymously or with your name. 非犯罪的偏见或仇恨事件可以报告给人力资源办公室或学生辅导主任. Hate crimes may be reported to the University Department of Public 安全. You may also report anonymously to Ethics Point.

Report a Hate Crime or Bias Incident


素 Department of Public 安全 : 435-586-1911


Office of Human Resources : 435-865-8572


Dean of Students Office : 435-586-7710

To make a police report about vandalism or stolen property, you must report the situation to a police officer. You may call Public 安全 Dispatch at 435-586-1911 to meet with an officer. Your request to talk with an officer will create a call log, which will show the date, time and nature of your concern. 一旦你和警官谈过,他会决定是否提交正式的报告. When a formal report is to be submitted, 官员会收到并给你案件编号,供你日后参考. If there is not a formal report, you may still obtain the call log number.

Report a Property Crime or Theft to 素 Campus Police

素 Police : 435-586-1911

Faculty, 工作人员, students and visitors may submit a request for operations and maintenance, lighting, grounds and custodial services regarding repairs, unsafe or hazardous conditions around campus. Examples of reportable issues include a plumbing problem, broken sidewalk, light out or building temperature that is too cold or too hot.

If you see a life-threatening or emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

Report a Maintenance, Lighting or Grounds Issue

Accessibility 在素 : 435-865-8735

安全 & Risk Man年龄ment

On-Campus Housing Information

注意: 如果你住在校内宿舍,需要报告维修问题,请联系:

Student Housing Administrative Offices
电话: 435-586-7966
Website: Housing Administrative Offices

歧视是对一个人或群体的不公平或不合法的偏袒或偏见. 在大学政策或州或联邦法律下,一个人可能会受到不合法的不公平待遇. 例如,因为某人不喜欢你或因为你的政治立场而受到不公平的对待. 违反大学政策的歧视是根据受保护阶层区别对待某人. 受保护阶层是受大学政策或州和联邦法律保护不受歧视的一群人. At Southern Utah University, the protected classes are: color, 比赛, ethnicity, national origin, 年龄, religion, disability, veteran’s status, 性, 性ual orientation, 性别 identity, 性别 expression and genetic information. 投诉也可能是针对骚扰,包括性骚扰和报复.

Report Discrimination

Human Resources : 435-865-8572

Utah is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), and Southern Utah University (素) is an approved SARA institution, 这意味着im电竞登录坚持在所有成员国提供高等教育在线/远程教育项目的既定标准.

Students who have complaints against the University relating to fraud, false advertising, 或其他欺诈行为,应通过提交报告的方式直接向昂山素季提出投诉 EthicsPoint under the “Academic Affairs” option. If 素 does not resolve the complaint, students may file a complaint with the Utah Board of Higher Education at www.highered犹他州.org/sara. 注意: 高等教育委员会只会考虑此前未解决的投诉,并可能将投诉提交给另一个机构进行调查.

Students who have complaints against the University relating to fraud, false advertising, 或其他欺诈行为也可以向犹他州消费者保护部门提出投诉:

160 East 300 East

2nd Floor

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Local 电话: (801) 530-6601

Toll-Free: 1-800-721-SAFE

In addition, 参与远程和函授教育的学生可以向他们所在的州投诉 enforcement authority. 在加州的学生:投诉可以通过他们的 online form.

有关于大学教育质量或其他适合其认证机构考虑的问题投诉的学生可以在以下地址向西北学院和大学委员会提交投诉 根据要求,可以提供描述大学认证和国家批准的文件副本.


南犹他大学(素)通过其政策和程序为学生建立了很高的期望和社区标准. 学生自愿承担责任,以满足这些标准和期望,当他们注册到大学. The University educates students about these standards and expectations, and when those standards and expectations are not met, seeks to hold students accountable for their choices. 参与南犹他大学社区的每个成员都有义务遵守文明行为准则. Read more about Student Conduct.

Report a Student Code Violation

Dean of Students

The 素 Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)旨在支持大学的努力,以防止损害识别和减少未来的风险提出im电竞登录的校园. Our efforts will work to identify and address student, faculty, and 工作人员 behaviors that are disruptive to the University's mission and goals.

Behavioral Intervention Team

此表格供根据《im电竞登录》被指定为校园安全部门(CSA)的员工使用. 此表格适用于举报在其受聘期间或范围内可能已披露给惩教主任的罪行.  综援员应在获悉有关罪行后48小时内填写报告.

Report a Crime

Any report can be made anonymously by using EthicsPoint